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John 18:33-37

Let us pray: Holy and magnificent God, your ways are higher than our ways and your plans are more than we are able to comprehend. Your kingdom is not of this world and at the very same time your kingdom is everything that our senses perceive. Help us, in the midst of your kingdom here […]

Mark 10: 17-31


Let us pray: O God, open our hearts and minds that as the Scripture has been read and the Word is proclaimed we may hear with joy what you speak to us today and we may follow in faithful obedience. Amen. As Christians, we typically celebrate saints on their saint’s day or feast day—the day […]

James 2. 1-9


Let us pray: Holy and loving God, through your apostles you have taught us that it is the poor and humble in spirit who is indeed blessed in your kingdom. Help us to remember that all we have belongs to you. As we gather with our families later in the week to partake in scrumptious […]

Luke 19:1-10


Let us pray: Creator God, you have perfectly designed us in your image. You have breathed your Spirit into our lives, and you have blessed us with privileges and gifts. We confess that God that we do not always recognize the privilege we have been given or use the gifts you have given us in […]

Acts 11.1-18


Let us pray: Holy and awesome God, you are the creator of all that has been, of all that is, and of all that is to come. You have breathed into us your Spirit-breath and have empowered us to live as your witnesses in this world. Grant us strength, in the face of much hatred […]

Mark 10.35-45


Let us pray: Holy and marvelous Parent, your love is all-consuming! We, your children strive for wholeness in our imperfect lives and in our imperfect world, and you continue to call us back to you. You continue to guard us a Mother hen protects her brood of chicks. Give us grace to hear the invitation […]

Mark 10.17-31


Let us pray: Holy and living God, who are we that we should matter to you? Yet in your providence and in your love, you look on each one of us. You look into each one of us and know us immediately and intimately. Grant us grace on this day to seek intimacy with you. […]

Mark 10.2-16


Let us pray: Holy and loving God, you are a God of reconciliation. You are a God of communion. You are a God who desires to live in relationship with each and every person, and yet we know that we do not have it in ourselves to live in reconciliation with each and every person. […]

September 30, 2018


Among the many rich resources given to us in The Holy Bible are the commandments. We can draw an analogy between the numerous commandments in the Bible and the instructions given in most formal training, whether written or oral. Training teaches one what to do to accomplish certain things. It can be generalized or very […]