Sermons by Rev. John A. Jackson

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Sermons We Sing


Although there are exceptions, most of our worship services in the Methodist and other Christian traditions include a sermon – perhaps designated as a message, homily, commentary, or meditation. The idea is that a pastor or other preacher or speaker will draw from prayer and scriptures ideas that he or she shares with a congregation. […]

The Hard Way


Our life experience has taught us that there are at least two ways to approach a project, a task, a problem, or anything we want to accomplish. The best or better way is to obtain as much relevant knowledge as possible, give the matter an appropriate amount of thought, make any preparations that may be […]



When we think of communication between God and humankind or among ourselves, we tend to focus on verbal exchanges.  Indeed this is obviously an important means of communicating.  We learn from the words of scripture, we verbalize prayer, and we rely heavily on what is said and heard and what is written and read. But […]

September 30, 2018


Among the many rich resources given to us in The Holy Bible are the commandments. We can draw an analogy between the numerous commandments in the Bible and the instructions given in most formal training, whether written or oral. Training teaches one what to do to accomplish certain things. It can be generalized or very […]